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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fit to be Clicked

Life imitates Saw. So you deliver a pizza and then wake up with a bomb around your neck and a cryptic note telling you to rob a bank... What would you do? Well this poor guy robbed the bank and then his head exploded. The seriously disturbed woman charged with his murder is currently in jail serving time for killing her ex-boyfriend and stuffing him in a freezer for a wee bit. That aside, her attorney said prosecutors will have a difficult time proving her guilt as her two alleged co-conspirators are dead now too...

Our corner of the cosmos is looking at other corners of the cosmos, and you can help! The folks from the Galaxy Zoo Project are asking people to participate in a 'Hot-or-Not' vote of galactic proportions. They need your help to sort through pictures of a million or so galaxies to figure out what they are all about. Not only do you get to look at parts of the Universe that literally no-one has ever seen before, but you get to use time that you would otherwise waste working all in the name of scientific advancement.

Here's a new strategy in the war on terror. British release man eating badgers in Basra.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said in Chicago on Tuesday that the nation faces a heightened chance of an attack this summer. One would think that the Secretary of Homeland security would have some hard intelligence to back such a hysteria provoking proclamation, right? No actually. While there is no specific threat, he does have a really good hunch about it. Where does Bush find these people?

You ever noticed that whenever Bush has a problem with Congress, the administration whips up a bit of hysteria with some well timed leaks? Senior U.S. intelligence officials tell ABC News new intelligence suggests a small al Qaeda cell is on its way to the United States, or may already be here. The White House has convened an urgent multi-agency meeting for Thursday afternoon to deal with the new threat. Stepping back from the issue that this is political bullshit …you mean to tell me that Al Qaeda may already be here or are on the first flight to Boston and they are going to wait a couple of days to get around to discussing it? I guess they need time to get everyone’s lunch orders straight.

If there is one word that is so over-used these days it's 'radicalized'. Have you noticed you can 'Radicalize' just about anything and anyone these days? The ERA weren't terrorists, they were radicalised Protestants. Gay Anglican ministers? No such thing, just some Episcopalians radicalized by the homosexual agenda. Today's youth aren't narcissists or criminals, they have been radicalized by hip-hop music and Paris Hilton. And now after the London not-quite-quite bombings, we have Radicalized professionals.

But how much of a risk do they really pose? Bilal Abdullah, the 'Radicalized' doctor that built two car bombs that did not work, then proceeded to try drive a third one, (which also failed to detonate) through a reinforced cement barricade at a Scottish airport, and then even unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by lighting himself on fire may not be the best example of a radicalized professional, but so far he's the only example we have. Was he really Radicalized or did he just have issues? Considering the sheer incompetence of the attempt, I'm leaning towards issues. After all, if Al Qaeda wanted to strike fear into Britons they have their martyrs and bombs and an array blunt instruments to do that. A doctors talents however might better lend themselves to say... more career appropriate terror. Fortunately Bilal was a dud, and radicalized professionals seem few and far between.

Considering the number of tainted food scandals in the last while, I'm far more concerned about radicalized fast food workers weaponizing hamburgers.

Ten politically incorrect truths about human nature. Why most suicide bombers are Muslim, sexual harassment isn't sexist, and why blonds really do have more fun. It's an interesting read, but it seems that human nature has a lot to do with sex.

On a completely unrelated note, here's a cool tip for making cold coffee taste good.

Talk about sending a message, a Chinese court has sentenced Chinas food safety minister to death for taking bribes and generally not looking out for the welfare of the common man. China however still blames its export woes on US importers, as they are the ones who aren't particularly looking out for the common man either. That being said, from Kitty Soo Guy to cardboard dumplings, Chinas food problems aren't new and their problems show far more on the inside then out.

Think it's uncool to be reading children's books at work? Here are some novel book covers so no one will ever know you're a closet harry Potter freak. Don't send these to the kiddies tho, a few are a wee bit over the top.


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