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Monday, February 05, 2007

Fit To Be Clicked

The mining industry is hitting back at activist groups with a documentary of thier own about craven environmentalists keeping the poor people down. Perfectly ordinary people claim to be pefectly capable of destroying the rain forest themselves without the backing of either lobby group.

volcano atomizer. This is greatist gadget ever.

Marketing wise,
some say that the Superbowl Ads this year were just as good as the lackluster game. See them all decide for yourself here, some are pretty witty. Some could have used an endearing has-been for instant appeal. What is so special about Superbowl slots when you can even advertise in space now?

Life imitates Art.
One of GM's Superbowl ads this year featured an assembly robot being fired. Not to be outdone, Chrysler lays off 10,000 real people the very next day. It's tongue in cheek sure. Considering U.S. automakers are being driven out of business, the irony is unavoidable.

Everything seems to be blowing up lately. From
letters in London to several things daily in Iraq. It's almost as if someone is trying to break a world record. President bush has recently mentioned that it is a good thing the Iraqis are begging for the added security that extra troops will bring. Meanwhile troops in Iraq spread out in a 'rolling surge' of more violence. These other places don't get many marks for their tourist appeal either.

When traveling in foreign countries, it may not always be clear what is considered acceptable, what can get you in trouble and what might brand you as the depraved child of a whoring goat. Just read what happened to this bunch of tourists when they decided to
whoop it up in Saudi Arabia. It's like Hostel only with Arabs this time.

There is good naked, and
bad naked.

on the topic of epidemics. Not only are there more fat kids then ever before, the little lard-ass's are fatter then ever these days. Heck when even
poor kids are fat you know society has a serious eating disorder. What are concerned parents doing about this? Are they sitting the tatertots down in front of their positively aerobic Nintendo Wii? Sending them for a fun filled summer at Fat Camp? Or god forbid, making them go outside to play? Goodness no, if it were that easy everyone would be doing it! Keeping with standard North American thinking on health and nutrition, they are taking their beloved butterballs for Gastric bypass surgery.

Today I found out that Jimmy Choo shoes
aren't made by Jimmy Choo. Confusing the semantics even more, Jimmy Choo hasn't made Jimmy Choo shoes for Jimmy Choo Shoes for quite some time. That being the case, are they really Jimmy Choo shoes even if they aren't Jimmy Choos shoes?

Feeling a bit bored? Design your
very own M&M!

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