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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Russian Officials claim that the source of Orange snow that's been falling in Western Siberia is still a mystery. That's right, strange colored snow is falling in heartland of Russia's petrochemical industry and no one can figure why. Now I'm not going to jump the gun and accuse pollution for the foul smelling precipitation, that would be unscientific. After all, it's rained some pretty strange things, possibly even extraterrestrials.

There's been a lot of action in the middle east this past week. Hamas and Fatah have reached yet another truce. After weeks of infighting, relieved Palestinians took the opportunity to reload and stir up trouble in Israel. I just love the way Israeli's 'negotiate'.

Iraq is a touchy subject for the U.S. President as the democrats get set to floor a resolution condemning sending more troops to Iraq. Of course, it's a non-binding resolution meaning that nothing needs to be done about it, and no one is responsible if they are wrong. The Whitehouse sees this latest drive by the democrats to discredit the war in Iraq as downright irresponsible, especially now that it has 'credible intelligence' that Iran is mucking about in Iraqi affairs. Not to be critical of U.S. Intelligence, but have we not seen this song and dance before? It's like Deja Vu all over again.

I have recently been accused of making light of the very serious situation in Iraq, and I am. With daily reports of bombings, kidnappings, assassinations, and the count of murdered and maimed reaching into the hundreds of thousands, if I didn't laugh I'd weep for the species. For a much more visceral view of daily life in Iraq, I highly recommend Michael Yons Online Magazine. This last post in particular illustrating the difference between a martyr and a murderer.

On the topic of Terrorists, the Unabomber worries about his legacy.

Has there been an ad campaign more dissected and commented on then Apples 'PC and Mac' commercials? Loath or love 'em, some people have pretty strong views. I really like this one with the security guard tho.

John McCain, that wacky U.S. Senator is proposing a bill to create a database of Illegal images, presumably to make life difficult for the child porn industry. The bill it a bit fuzzy on precisely what would make an image illegal, and how Internet providers are supposed to track them. As some of you may remember, I recently ranted about the inanity of dateline busting Sickos. As a result of the latest instalment of 'To Catch a Predator', One of the creeps they caught actually posted an apology on his blog. Which, by the way, also features an impressive gallery of women's feet. Strange... Still no word from from NBC about about publicly humiliating people that do terrible things to their own kids.

Brokeback mutton anyone? Researchers don't see what the big deal is but PETA and Gay rights groups are outraged over new research into un-gaying animals. The ethical implications of it are fairly broad, after all would you want to live in a world full of bad hair and no fashion sense? I feel for the wooly little fellas, being stripped of thier gayness by having thier 'fabulous' gene switched off. Here are 10 other fabulous animals.

I have accounts practically everywhere, Myspace, Yahoo, Google, Flikr, Livespace, Hotmail, ad nauseum. It's a veritable cornucopia of user names and passwords to services that, at some point, I was convinced I couldn't live without but use just as much as the Juicer I bought from the Home Shopping Channel. Now I have another account that makes no secret of its complete uselessness.

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