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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today's round up for the philosophical, 11 deep thoughts from people who thought way to much so we don't have to.

It turns out it's not just an optical illusion, beautiful skinny people really are making the rest of us fat.

From critiquing their nuclear program to accusing them of helping terrorists, the U.S. administration just can't stop talking about Iran. Are they trying to soften the world up for another round of trademark shock and awe or just blowing hot air? Taking at face value Ahmadinejad's denials of the latest allegations of meddling in Iraq, there is something so familiar about the timing and the provocative tone of the recent rhetoric coming from the U.S. that makes one wonder. Ahmadinejad has been doing some PR of his own tho. Even some U.S.Generals are weighing in with some conclusions contradicting those of the White House.

The issue Intelligence experts face is not so much one of a lack of evidence. Sure, it's easy to pull some wires and twisted metal out of the ground and say it came from Iran, even tho claiming it comes from the highest levels of the Iranian hierarchy is pushing it just a bit. The real issue is what people now consider acceptable evidence. After years of being force fed flashy crime drama's it's certainly not a PowerPoint slide show. The briefing would have gone over much better had it included shots of sexy inspectors with crime kits, traces of sand only found in Iran, bits of metal dripping with DNA and video of well dressed investigators forcefully yet respectfully interrogating hip Iranian anti-heroes until they cracked and confessed.

The U.S. Army has redoubled it's efforts to recruit more criminals! Granted, I'm sure with the number of wars going on at the moment is thinning out the number of 'victors' that are signing up. But is arming criminals and sending them to the most lawless corners of the globe going to rehabilitate them somehow or just result in more unfortunate war crimes?

Keeping with the Military theme, most of us have rented this movie, you know the one where young uncut Russian soldiers get all hot and bothered and go wild over each other in the truck, in the shower, in the barracks, in the woods, etc. Apparently this fantasy isn't that far from the truth as Russia is looking into allegations that it's military has been pimping out the boys for some time now in a case of good porn gone horribly wrong.

In a case that can only be described as odd, all the uncut boys at a Kenyan high school were sent home with letters saying to stay home until the foreskins were gone. Apparently the school administration was concerned that the boys would be bullied or mocked. I'm not sure what they are thinking, as all the feedback I've ever received about mine has been extremely complimentary.

Those wacky Nigerians are at it again. Bucking the trend of countries passing same sex legislation or at least decriminalizing gay relations, Nigeria wants to declare itself a rainbow free zone with harsh mandatory sentences for those that like that double fudge sorta love.

I don't know about anyone else, but I can think of about 2 things I use my toilet for. Then again, I've always gone for the base model, as opposed to a fully tricked out john. Honestly tho, if my toilet is going to talk to me all I want to hear is praise.

There has been an abundance of weird news floating about lately. In a move that I'm sure will outrage PETA, while tangling with a police dog a suspect actually bit the dog first. No word if he's had his shots, although sources close to the investigation say the gentleman will not be euthanized. Which brings up an interesting point, why is it that animals that bite people get death row, but people that bite people don't even go to jail?

Then there was this German gentleman that was so distraught by airport security that he took off his pants.

American researchers have concluded that marijuana is as effective at relieving pain as prescription opiates. The report goes on to say that many people living with chronic pain shy away from powerful opiate based pain killers because they, (and I love this), cause drowsiness and confusion. Like potheads are such a lucid bunch?

Despite heavy funding from celebrity psychic networks, Princeton's ESP lab, also known by the charming acronym 'PEAR', will be closing its doors. Officials from the lab say that the news didn't come as a surprise.

Chip and computer companies have been hard at work fulfilling the prophecy of Moore's law. Intel has recently created a chip with 80 cores that's capable of teraflop processing. It sounds silly, but a trillion calculations per second is a lot. The chip is so powerful no one knows what the hell to do with it, let alone how to program for it. IBM too has come up with a few novel changes to PC architecture that promise to deliver a huge performance boost to the machines.

So far the software companies have not done as good a job at keeping up with technology. Unless you were hibernating, it would have been difficult to miss the much lauded launch of Windows Vista, the self proclaimed 'securest' OS Microsoft has ever unleashed on its hapless users. This week they launched it's first security update, patching over 20 kinks in the Windows armor. Not a good sign, but did we really expect anything less?

Ending off this weeks technology rant, it might be my helpdesk background but this video of a monk that calls IT for help with a book just slayed me.

A thousand ways to say '404:Page Not Found'

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