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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A blog Reborn.

Whoa! What happened to Alternate Reality? Two words: Total Facelift! Ah yes after a year or so of total neglect a bit of change is good. Reincarnated with a totally new format that is actually interesting this time around, Alternate reality lives again. Drop by o check out the daily headlines, or browse the 'Today's Whatever' sections on the right to pick up a few engaging conversation starters. People might actually think you know something the next time you open your mouth at the bar. Of course I'll still inflict my pictures and laconic commentary on you, I'm sure You'd expect nothing less. :-)

So to get right to it, on to...

The Morning Wood.

The French Model, Lucas Kerr was born in 1977 and is 6'1". Not bad for
a 30Something, eh? He's graced the cover of OUT magazine and
appeared in an Absolut! Ad Campaign. My Vodka of choice + one Hot
Frenchman = Todays Morning Wood.

Moving On we have the slightly less...interactive segment that I like to

Fit to be clicked!

On the topic of weird things the French do, lets all get together and protest the Calendar, it kind of puts the recent suburban riots into perspective. I think they just like to difficult.

Top 'however many' of 'whatever' lists seems to start flying like cornflakes this time of year for some reason, check out what 2006 taught us.

Don't get me wrong, I'm as Christmassy as the next guy, but I'm glad
it's over. If you found any of these gifts under the tree, your friends may be trying to kill you or at least your children.

And there will always be Weird News...

Elderly man beats burglar with shoehorn

JUNEAU, Wis. (AP)- An elderly man fended off a would-be burglar with a shoehorn before theman invaded another home and was arrested, the Dodge County Sheriff's Departmentsaid. The man kicked in the door of an elderly couple's home in Lebanon about 1 a.m. Monday, demanded money and threatened to shoot them, the sheriff's department said in anews release. But the husband, who is in his 80s, beat the man around the head with a long shoehorn, forcing him from the home. The intruder and another man then committed another home invasion in the Oconomowoc area and were arrested in Waukesha County, the release said.The Dodge County District Attorney's Office is reviewing the matter for potential charges. "This is one of those crimes that a lengthy sentence just doesn't do justice," Sheriff Todd Nehls said of the Lebanon incident. "The torment and anguish will be with them forever."

You have to wonder who the Sheriff is referring to in that last
sentence... Being beaten up by gramps isn't going to earn them much cred
in jail. I do know that people fending off robbers really isn't so weird,
but the guy's got balls.

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