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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fit to be Clicked

Back in my university days, I opted into a great little course called The Bible in Literary Context, where my fellow students and I spent the semester decoding the good book and re-contexting it into modern English while discussing the fabulous tales therein. Patricide, murder, intrigue, orgies, bestiality, incest and rape, no subject is too taboo for the authors of this historical drama to skirt. A great many people admit they've just skimmed the great work, you know; eough to get the 'gist' of it. Having been endorsed by the Christian churches and not once recommended by Oprah's book club, it's understandable that some would think its a bit dry. During my clicking I came across David Plot's Bible Commentary Blog, which is a must read for anyone looking for the layman's lowdown on the Bible and it's funny as heck.

Suspecting a problem with my hit counter, as it seems to only move when I load the page. I hit the web looking for some explanation and found a whole
ten reasons no one reads my blog.

The Zoological Society of London has launched a very undarwinian
campaign to protect weird species. Having few close genetic relatives, these species are so evolutionarily distinct that many represent the last bud on their branch of the proverbial tree of life, much like this delicious ape. The concept of natural selection demonstrates that species become extinct for exactly this reason; because they are weird and only the most desperate examples of the species can bare to mate with each other. I'm all for bio-diversity, but this takes valuable resources away from normal endangered species that at least showed enough initiative to evolve normally and proliferate like the rest of us.

They told me fat caused heart attacks, so I cut down. Then they said carbs cause cancer, so no more midnight cookies. Then Trans-fats, coffee, truffles. One by one, all the foodstuffs that made this country great fell to the nutritionists blade. The drive to label everything unhealthy has just gone too far! Now even water is bad for you.

And of course, the news everyone's been talking about. Iraq's former benevolent dictator
Saddam and his aids swung from the gallows this month. Well, one just sort of fell right through, but two out of three isn't so bad. Reaction from around the world has ranged from severe to bemused. Iraq vehemently defends it's gallows saying that they are in accordance with international standards. Which would all be very nice, if disturbing, if there were such standards. The U.N assures us execution is a violation of human rights no matter where you live, unless you happen to be Saddam Husien.

On the topic of Iraq, the latest totals show the U.S.'s Continuing victory in the country has so far drawn in around 35,000 Involuntary Victors. Many agencies claim there are most likely many more victors that are just to modest or maimed to be counted. It is rumored that the Iraqi government, wanting to share this victory with it's close neighbors, is encouraging the U.S. to exit their country via Iran. Already concerned about this possibility Iran's government has purchased supplies from the Pentagon. No wonder sanctions never work.

This is a fun game, if you like drawing lines and maiming tobogganers. Line Rider

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