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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Morning Wood:

Alexandre Despatie is a French Canadian diver. he began diving at age five (in his own backyard pool), and in the 2000 summer Olympics finished in 4th place in the 10 meter platform. Alexandre first came to public attention at the 1998 commonwealth games with an extremely impressive gold medal on the 10 meter platform.

Fit to be clicked:

Oh it is truly a dark day in the world of every 30 something who developed a speech impediment after watching a few too many Scooby Doo marathons. Iwao Takamoto, the creator of the beloved pooch died recently, begging for more Scooby snacks till the last.

Yet another study I wish someone had told me about.
Researchers have discovered that sex really is good for you, but only if your a man. There there ladies, at least the chocolate never lets you down.

Politicians from around the world are kicking off the new year round of diplomacy showcasing each countries own take on foreign relations. Canada's foreign Minister Peter McKay is wrapping up a trip to the Afghan region
where he handed out cash and clothes to just about everyone he could convince to join the local police forces. After playing Santa, he roughed up Pakistan with some tough talk on border security. Hoping to avoid any further attention from the military branch of Tim Horton's, Pakistan emptied it's jails and auctioned off a record number of 'terrorist' prisoners to the US so it could purchase a few land mines to sprinkle around its border areas.

Finally fed up with constant taunting and nuclear saber rattling from North Korea, the US has decided to send a clear message to Kim Jong Il and has
bombed Somalia for some reason. In an attempt to quell rumors surrounding the Administrations plans for Iraq, which he is set to reveal Wednesday. The US president has given us a sneak preview of the bold new direction, more of the same.

Meanwhile, The chemistry in the middle east can be described in 2 words, positively atomic. Iran's Supreme Leader; Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told off just about every one, vowing his country would
continue to pursue it's nuclear ambitions. Israeli officials were pleased with Iran's position as it justified Israel's plan to initiate its own Middle east peace plan.
After considering admitting
Polar Bears to the exclusive Endangered Species club, the US administration has continued it's efforts to woo the Green lobby and announced that it is now developing environmentally friendly Hybrid Nuclear warheads, which not only boast improved fuel economy, but also limit total devastation to a few square miles. Not to be out done by it's former cold war nemesis, Russia's entered a rocket in the new arms race too. So much from Non-Proliferation.

It's all enough to makes some people just get up and
sell their Country.

The Astronomy world was rocked by cosmic temporal vandalism. Hubble's Iconic snap of the Eagle Nebula detailing the Pillars of Creation in '95. Actually
evaporated into space after being rocked by a Supernova over 6000 years ago. As light from the mighty blast, which occurred over 7000 years ago, is just reaching earth now, if you have the time, the Eagle nebula is the place to watch for the next thousand years. Talk about network lag.

With all the press Microsoft has been getting lately, I just couln't resist posting this one. Sorry Tux.

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