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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mondays Morning Wood

21 year old Brazilian hottie Rodrigo Calazans most recent achievement is fronting Terra's 'The Boys' marketing drive.

Fit to be clicked

Scientists have uncovered a novel new tool in the fight against lung cancer, a vacine that attacks tumours. While exciting news for smokers, a group of chickens with only the slightest bit of genetic encouragement now lay cancer fighting eggs. Can such helpful critters really be so bad for us? According the the U.S. FDA's logic; If you just clone them first, the issue goes away.

Just when you've burnt out your adrenal glands from years of caffeine abuse. They make
coffee even better!

Doomsday clock is on the move. Due to trivial things like, global warming, a new nuclear arms race, and worsening global relations all around, a group of so-called 'Scientists' have decided to move a broken clocks hands to another arbitrary position. While symbolic, is it any more credible then any of the other The-end-is-nye excercises out there? Once we sort through Paris Hilton and the rest of the 10,000 reasons Civilization is doomed, one sort of wonders what it is we are looking to save.

Todays weird news

Don't put your kids in the washing machine, and other things manufacturers have to warn us not to do.

What kind of wedding planner invites a buffalo?

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