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Monday, January 08, 2007

The Morning Wood

Karl Davies, an actor from the series Emmerdale was borin in August 1982 . This 5' 9" Leo was born in Stockport, Cheshire, England, UK. Among His first film/tv projects you can find: "Stars in Their Eyes: Celebrity Special (1998)", "Fat Friends: Fat Chance (#1.2) (2000)", "Peak Practice (1993)".His later/recent projects include: "Dolphins (2006)", "Kingdom: (#1.1) (2007) "Emmerdale: The Sugden Family Album (2005)".

Fit to be clicked!

Taser Inc, has taken their marketing in a new direction. As opposed to targeting Law-Enforcement, Taser's new C3 stun gun seems to be aimed at opening up that burgeoning market of Fashionistas that just won't carry something unless it co-ordinates with the rest of their accessories. Fabulous, Fun and Flashy! Personal protection has never been so stylish. While not as lethal as a firearm, you still might manage to kill if you try hard enough. I've never been hit by one, but this vid makes it look kinda fun.

After deciding that the recent deluge of Black hole sightings just wasn't sensational anymore, our astronomers and cosmologists seem to have kicked things up a notch by creating a 3D map of the relatively local universe that notes the location of other stuff we can't see in places too far away to ever get to. While there sure is whole lot of the alleged Dark Stuff out there, the rest of the universe seems to be a fairly fluffy place. Not content with with the current mass extinction underway on earth Nasa's been pursuing another one of humanities favorite hobbies which is to seek out new life...and kill it.

Why is it that Americans like to turn nouns into verbs? Reports say that they have elected 'Plutoed' as 2006's word of the year. It takes the tiara from 2005's 'DixieChicked', which by the way is also not a word and has a strikingly similar definition. I won't come down on them for their grasp of vocabulary, but their powers of observation could use a boost. Cnn reports something the rest of the world has known for decades, New York stinks.

Bill gates has declared that this is the digital decade, and I certainly can't argue that. This is the decade that brought us the Jet Powered Beer Cooler, the Telepathic Typewriter and self cleaning underwear, and more!. Some people don't quite share his enthusiasm for technology however. Speaking of Bill, Microsoft has given us yet another reason not to buy a ford. They've partnered up and unveiled a new system that lets people's cars control their cell phones and MP3 players and gives the car the ability to download content from the internet. Sure web enabled cars sound cool, but seeing as the internets killer app is Porn, Porn, Porn and Microsofts security record sucks, sucks, sucks this does raise concerns over the family station wagon being hijacked by a pop-up and driving to undisclosed porn sites.

On the global scene, I am more and more convinced that the future of North Korea's and Iran's nuclear ambitions depend on them lightening up their restrictions on communication. If they let people use the internet, they wouldn't have to worry about the U.S. restricting their access to nuclear technology, they could just find out how to build a nuclear reactor right on the web.

Charlton Heston's neighbors are alleging that poor maintenance of a hillside bordering the two properties cause a catastrophic mudslide causing $1.2 million of damage their home. Pointing to his advancing Alzheimer's, Heston's attorneys contend that he was simply reprising his role from The Ten Commandments and that their client cannot be held responsible for biblical punishments. Similarly, A recent Mudslide in Brazil has authorities looking into the possibility suing Peru for not properly securing the Andes.

It seems that everyone that's taken ethics in school has an opinion about this whole cloned food row. I'm convinced that McDonalds scientists have been cloning Big Macs for years now, after all can you tell them apart? The FDA says you'd never be able to tell it's not Original and will allow us to create genetically superior food products. We get freaks using traditional reproductive technology. Now don't get me wrong, the science of Cloning has a lot to offer. Personally, I can't wait for the day I can affordably harvest genetically identical spare parts from my clone. I just think we should learn how to use the tools we have already before playing with new ones. The skeptics tell us our food is already too bland to make it all the same, the pessimists say its all the same anyway so what's the big deal and Consumers are just squimish about the idea in general. I say label it and let the consumer decide. On a similar topic, ethicists of dubious credentials have ruled that it is ethical to clone a human, so long as you keep it as a pet.

With all the Buzz around Oprah's new school for desperately poor African girls, I just had to share this picture:

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